A Week In the Life…

It has been a very busy week here in Timmis House.

On Wednesday it was Pink T Shirt Day to support anti-bullying. The PEERS support group baked cupcakes and cookies and students signed a Commit to Kindness banner. It was a very colorful day on campus!

Thursday was a Service Day, where students can choose to lose the uniform and wear their “regular” clothes for a donation of $2 to a charity. This week the funds were to benefit Be Fair to Rare, an organization that aims to raise awareness and funds for the rare disease community in Canada (there are over 7,000 rare diseases that benefit from it).

Paris made the Portland Observer in an article highlighting all of the amazing things she is doing!

The musical, “The Secret Garden” started on Wednesday and ran through until Saturday night.  Congratulations to Tasha, Kali, Karin, Aki, Sophia, Pun, Anastasia, Charlotte, Paris, Carlina, Anita, Daphne and Alice! On Thursday night a group of about 120 Boarders went to watch the show. Check out the pictures…

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