And We Are Back!

Welcome back! 2020 is finally here. The girls are all settling in and getting over jet lag. There were lots of stories about the fantastic times they had golfing, skiing, visiting family, eating delicious food and relaxing.

We had five birthdays this weekend! Friday was Alana’s, Saturday Paulina and Nancy, and Sunday was Beatrice and Salma! There was cake and songs and balloons!

Ms. Hanna took the grade 9s and 10s for a hike to Thetis Lake on Saturday. It was a bit chilly, but they enjoyed the fresh air.

We kicked off the new year with housegames – badminton and some team challenges.

Winslow hosted a Slumber party dinner in the dining hall!

With a forecast for snow this week, the girls are excited for the possibility of making snow men, sledding and getting a true Canadian experience! Cross your fingers…

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