A Super Sunday to end a Super Week…

It’s a fun way to finish off a chaotic week of exams, experiential expeditions, and ADST projects!

The Grade 12 prefects decided to throw a Super Bowl (football) Party in the Sun Center Commons. Pizza and soda were consumed amongst cheers and laughter! It set a nice tone for a fun family Sunday.

This week our grade 10s took part in back to back experiential learning days that took them outside the classroom. Each cohort visited different areas of the Greater Victoria community, some even going as far as Mt Washington to talk with mountain staff about land use issues or Nanaimo to visit the Deep Bay Marine Station at Vancouver Island University. This time off campus allowed them to deepen their connections with each other, visit a variety interesting places as well as connect their classroom learning to real world applications. Topics such as music writing, land-use, recreational boating were all connected to a theme of Sustainability which led into a full day workshop on Sustainability.

After a presentation from Keynote Speaker Jillian Doucette from Synergy Enterprises & Project Zero, Students were asked to apply their ADST film skills from grade 9 to storyboard, capture and edit a short Public Service Announcement with the topic of Sustainability in mind. These were then presented in a Sustainabilty Film Fest at the end of the day. Everyone brought incredible creativity to the project and the final products were fantastic!

Alana and Peo wrote a parody in their Singers, Songwriters and Bands Cohort, using their song as voice over for this fantastic short film >

Crystal and her partner, Judy, created a recycling PSA with a lot of drama >

Salma and a team of her Fashion Cohort peers made a PSA about the excessive water usage of the fashion design industry >

Our Grade 9s were involved in an Applied Design Skill Technologies project this week with Head of ADST, Mr. Hlannon and the Math department teachers. In Mr. Hlannon’s words, “the goal was practicing life as an engineer this week:

  • imagining & creating
  • inventing & designing
  • 3D printing and 2D laser cutting, 
  • sawing, hammering, drilling and sanding,
  • failing and persisting…
Photo Credit: Kyle Slavin

And generally making big piles of messy fun this week trying to come up with a useful power generator that captures enough kinetic energy to charge a cell phone.  The bar was set high for this project, and we have more stories and evidence of failures than successful project outcomes. And that is ok, in fact its GREAT!  We learn more from our failures than we do our successes and in the messy world of engineering and design, embracing failure and failing forward are important skills (think of Elon Musk) that we are trying to help students develop.  Along the way our students all learned a lot.  Some of their creative and varied projects may even surprise you!

Photo Credit: Kyle Slavin

It was an academic heavy week for our grade 11 and 12s, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday being full exam days. They studied hard and have enjoyed the breathing space this weekend to socialize and decompress from their studies. Check out these happy, relaxed Grade 11 and 12 smiles…

Last but not least, Alana is busy launching her first Entrepreneurship 10 project, Kale Tales! Fresh made to order Kale chips… first batches rolled out today with huge success. Keep up the good work Alana!

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