Here Comes the Sun!

This weekend, after what felt like weeks of rain, we got a beautiful sunny day on Saturday! It was a day full of outings and happy, smiling faces.

Saturday activities included a neighborhood clean up, spin class, a trip to Mayfair Mall, Dim Sum at Don Mee’s, and a trip to the Bug Zoo.

On Friday night there was a spoken word open mic night at Cedar Hill Rec Centre and Leqa, Isabela and Sophia were all performing, and Sophia was also the MC. Abieyuwa went to support the other girls, and ended up being spontaneous and doing one of her pieces! Alana, Jess and Chalize went along to watch and support, too.

Ale, Anouk, Tessa, Paulina, Fernanda and Fatima all left campus at 5:00 am for a day of skiing at Mt. Washington. The fresh snow and sunny weather made for a fantastic day!

Chanel and the dance team performed at half time during the City Finals for junior basketball on Saturday!

We had housegames today, where we played pickle ball and floor hockey, as well as a super fun word recall game.

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