…And we’re back!

Before the break Jenny and Delaney both spoke at SMUSTalks, where the theme was Alternate Truth: View the World from an Alternate Perspective. They were fantastic and did an amazing job! Delaney spoke about the Many Worlds Theory through the lens of Schrödinger’s Cat. Jenny spoke about the alternate truth of teenagers’ lives as presented on social media versus reality.

Over the break some students stayed here on campus and made some epic meals together!

Vanessa (grey pants, black shirt, white shoes, black hair in a ponytail) is a part of the dance team that have entered a competition!

Jenny is pretty amazing with the chalk board markers and has been creative over the past few weeks!

With the days bright and increasingly warm, we know the coming weeks will fly by with the outdoors beaconing us for friendly games of spike ball and windy walks on the beach. Mornings start with sunshine sneaking through the blinds, and days end with the sunsets orange over the field.

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