Leadership in House

Anticipating next year, leadership is a major theme of spring in our school and in boarding. Leadership retreats began this weekend and continue next for grade 11 boarders. Grade 12s are the leaders of the boarding houses, setting the tone and supporting each other, their younger housemates, and house parents. They plan welcome activities in September and celebrations and social opportunities throughout the year. House challenges, games, and initiatives are spearheaded by the team of Twelves, infusing energy and purpose to our collective efforts.

The actions of Timmis members this year demonstrate that they know themselves and their abilities. They aren’t waiting until next year to make our community inclusive and safe.

Leadership is also demonstrated by making consciously sustainable choices. Composting and recycling is an important aspect of our boarding culture. Monthly clothing swaps have recently started up, and girls take joy from seeing their items loved and worn in new ways by others in Timmis. A little crew headed to the Zero Waste Emporium on Saturday, returning with mason jars of chocolate chips and -covered almonds and trail mix.

For Earth Week we did random room checks during the school day to see if the students had turned off their lights. Eleven room consistently had them turned off for the checks and will be getting prizes that we got at the Zero Waste Emporium!

Collaboration cannot be overlooked as a component of leadership, the ability to contribute to a common goal in play and in real life. We recognize that leaders can boisterously rally the troops, but leaders are also in the trenches getting the work done quietly. They are able to give and take direction, see the big picture, and adapt their role to the needs of the teams. House games were Cardio Charades-Pictionary, which required each person to chase down their clue and return to act out or draw for their team to guess.

Leaders put in the work.

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