Allyship Week

The week was filled with activities around how to be a good ally and to bring an awareness about how we as a community can better support all students.

This weekend marks the final weekend in term 5. There are lots of exams this coming week but many girls were able to take some time to relax on Friday night to watch the movie Grease in the common room, card games in the foyer and chats in the office.

Allyship Week

This week we celebrated Allyship Week with a series of events organized by three former Timmis and Bolton students , Abieyuwa, Carmen and Efosa. All three were awarded their Boarding Colours for their dedicated service to our community and served as excellent role models for our current Grade 11’s looking ahead to their leadership roles next year.

Concert in Christine Duke Theatre

Iman coordinated fundraising for the concert to help raise funds for COVID-related supplies for Syrian and Palestinian refugees she has personally worked with. There will be another concert to include day students on Thursday.

Sam in Concert Band Rehearsal

The concert band is practicing a medley from Les Misérables. We are hoping there will be a COVID-friendly concert before the end of the year.

Relaxing on the field

Just hanging out…

Sunny Saturday Walk in Finnerty Gardens at UVic

Birthday Wishes for Emma K.

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