Celebrating May!

This week brought AP exams, Wellness Week, head of house speeches, some fishing, and a little Timmis reunion. It was fun filled and action packed!

The students were hard at work studying for end of term tests and finishing up assignments, as well as writing AP exams. We tried to keep the house quiet so they could concentrate. The APs continue this coming week, and we know there will be some much needed rest once they are done.

Wellness Week allowed us to focus on the things in our lives that bring us feelings of balance and comfort. This is something we often overlook so aim to bring it to the forefront! Some things the girls have identified as being helpful to “fill the cup” are spending time outside, comfort food, exercise, watching shows, playing with a dog, meditating, bubble tea, connecting with friends, and writing.

Tonight we had the head of house speeches for Timmis, Winslow and Symons. We had seven grade 11s put themselves out there for these positions, and they each delivered a speech. They were heartfelt and very well done! The results will be out in a couple of weeks. These positions are the main leadership positions in each of the houses, and with any luck we will be back to multi-grade houses in September. Fingers crossed!

On Thursday Mackenzie helped with an in initiative to have students sign Mother’s Day cards for residents in a local seniors’ home. We ended up doing 55 cards that were delivered to them for a tea party today!

Chanel (our Head of House for Timmis this year) organized a Timmis reunion on the field yesterday. She and Isabela baked chocolate chip cookies, and we had tea on the grass. The grade 12s, some grade 11s, some grade 10s and some houseparents were there, and we caught up on what is going on for everyone. It was lovely!

Today Julia, Ally, Kevin and Joshua went on a fishing and crabbing trip with Mr. Turner! It was a “once in a lifetime experience.” They came home with some gorgeous filets and lots of stories.

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