All the World’s a Stage – song, dance and so much more

This week wraps up the majority of the AP exams. The girls have done marvelously balancing their workloads and although they performed well, there is a collective sigh as the exam season wraps up.

Despite not being able to perform as per usual due to COVID protocol, our thespians were able to put on a student directed version of 21 Chump Street. In this, Mattea was amazing. She sang her heart out and was a pleasure to watch perform.

As if that was not enough to keep her busy, Mattea was also in the Musical Theatre Showcase (she starts around 9 minutes).

Activity off the stage continued in the house. PE classes have now switched into mainly outdoor sports. From baseball, frisbee, golf, and more, our girls are kept active. Below is a shot of Kira playing lacrosse in PE.


Last weekend, Mr. Turner offered a small group the opportunity to have a fishing trip with him. Julia and Ally were quick to respond and at 8 in the morning their adventure began. Off to Cattle Point and Trial Island they headed where they cast their lines and laid some crab traps. Overall, they had a successful day.

Not to be dissuaded by grey skies or the fact that they no longer live in Timmis house, the girls got together and had a Timmis House Reunion. House parents, current Timmis girls and our grade 12 girls we able to gather and share stories and food. What a wonderful group of young ladies.

With a busy week behind us, we are looking forward to the shorter one ahead. However, although short, it is packed with events like the out trips! Look for next week’s post on those activities and more.

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