Another successful week of out trips!

Volunteering at Farmer Jim’s

The service trip to help out at a local farm against does not disappoint. With the sheep and pigs demanding attention and the pile of compost to be turned, the students were kept busy. All returned home with a smile and Mr. Driscoll returned with a dozen farm fresh eggs!

This week saw the other cohort of grade 11’s spend time involved in a variety of outdoor activities. These events traversed a span of three days and in that time people had adventures on land and sea alike.

Ready to get on the bus to go hiking.

A beautiful day spent at East Sooke Park. This crowd came home sweaty and tired but all with stories of beautiful scenery and sweeping vistas.

Rock Climbing at Mount Wells

A smaller group tried their skills at rock climbing. It was a challenging day that had many confront some fears and in the end overcome them. With tired hands and sore arms, they came home to shower and rejuvenate, all with a smile that said how proud they were of themselves for trying this activity.

White Water Rafting and Stand Up Paddleboarding

The weather cooperated for all of these activities and the water people were very thankful. From kayaking to stand up paddle boarding to white water rafting, these people were in and out of the water all day and so appreciative of the sun to warm them up. Many stories of people learning to safely roll their boats, to do a water rescue and ultimately to stay afloat. They were grinning from ear to ear.

Keep the Beat

Meanwhile, on the campus, the rest of the girls were treated to a student run Keep the Beat concert. At lunch, we gathered in the Christine Duke Theatre to listen to singers and musicians and to watch dancers. It was lovely to feel the community together and appreciate the talent of these young people.

The Jag – May Edition

And if that didn’t keep the girls busy enough, behind the scenes while the rest of school and life continued, our students contributed to the local school paper. Check out Ruby’s Contribution – October

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