Heading into the Final Week!

Timmis and Bolton cleaned up for the Closing House Dinner. An evening to enjoy each other’s company and delicious food and laugh at silly awards, to remind us of the fun we’ve shared despite an exceptionally strange school year. Next year’s Heads of Timmis and Bolton spent an hour at the reins; we’ll be in good hands!

Thrilled to read and share the article, “Rin Audsabumrungrat: ‘Art is My Voice’” all about our Timmis girl, Rin, who as a Grade 12 has had a great year in Symons. We have missed the wonder of popping into Rin’s room to see her latest creation, often in progress. Rin’s precision and thoughtfulness is matched by quiet confidence and kindness. We are so proud of Rin and excited for her as she embarks on her post-secondary journey.

Nothing takes minds off end-of-year assignments like Escape Room problem solving.

Alana rallied the Early Birds for pancakes in the common room. Plates heaped with chocolate chip pancakes, fresh fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream were savoured in the sunshine and wind.

The Big Bin Move! All hands on deck as we empty our storage rooms and officially begin packing for summer.

We had our final House Games today as well. There was an egg toss, archery competition, pass the banana with your feet, Gaga ball, an obstacle course done while balancing a table tennis ball on a spoon, and one done while carrying a stack of empty boxes! Timmis did very well, showing off some unknown skills!

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