Welcome to Our Timmis Home

First Day in Timmis saw 32 new Tigers move onto campus and fill up our house almost to the brim! With so many new faces and names to learn, Timmis Head of House, Alana, took us through the paces of name games. Mother Nature cooperated with big blue skies and a warm evening.

Everyone had earned a weekend by the time the time Friday rolled around. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was viewed in the open air with pop corn. The annual opening weekend BoTi picnic was rained out on Saturday, but that didn’t stop the Seniors from each taking a group of students downtown for a scavenger hunt and time together. They rode the bus, ate treats, and took silly photos together.

The boarding houses saw their first competition on Sunday. Competitors were able to measure each other up head to head in three-legged races, Oreo-eating, spoon catapults, hula hoop toss. Timmis is rocking new colours this year. The traditional vibrant orange has been swapped for a more subtle grey that makes the orange lettering pop. It’s a long competitive season, but the Tigers came out loud, supportive, and cohesive. We are very optimistic that Timmis is well positioned to keep the House Cup.

The Timmis Cheer!
Here’s Your First Look at the 2021-22 Timmis Tigers!

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