Love, laughter and stories to share!

What a week! The girls have been immersed in many activities, classes, sports and social events that the week has flown by. It has been lovely watching the girls connect with each other. Nestled in the community as we are also gives many opportunities to explore the local area. We are fortunate enough to have Mt. Tolmie rise just behind the school which allows the girls to get a little exercise as they hike to the top for magnificent vistas.

Field hockey success

The field hockey team just finished a tournament away where they got the opportunity to gel as a team. The first day saw the girls playing their hearts out in the rain. The second day saw sun break and ended with a 3-0 win, with Alana scoring one of the goals!

Saturday activities

Every Saturday there are activities offered to our students. This gives the students an opportunity to get out and explore Victoria. It ensures they get to sightsee and visit places they might not naturally adventure to with their friends. It also makes sure that the girls have a chance to connect with each other outside of the house while at the same time letting them connect with girls from the other houses. This week, the activity stuck close to home and saw the girls dabble a little in art and what amazing work they created. It will be nice to have a touch of their creations up around the house.

Interview with our Head of House Tiger – Alana!

This year Alana is our head of house and wow are we lucky! She has energy to give and a positivity that spreads throughout the house. We are fortunate to share in her vision of the house and to get to know her so we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about our leader. Here are the top 10 things she can’t live without:

From Alana

I need:

my plants because they make me feel fresh and connected to nature.

my hat to avoid getting sunburns as I spend a lot of time outside.

my water bottle to stay hydrated as water is important!

my friends and houseparents to have love and humour in my life.

my spork because I love food! Eating is great.

my guitar because I love to share my music with the girls in the house.

my photos of Chanel and iris because they are the motivators for me of what it means to be a great leader for Timmis house

my backpack for adventures.

my art for my creative outlet.

my food…that is self explanitory!

my Timmis Tigers sweatshirt because I love my house and love showing my house pride!

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