Out and about!

Last week was a very busy week of grade 9 outtrips.

This week, our grade 10s went on outtrips – some on day trips, and others on overnight trips.

Information about these out trips can be found on the Outdoor Ed website: https://www.smusoutdoor.com/senior

From all accounts, the girls had a wonderful time. While rain was present for many of the days, it didn’t get them down and they returned wet, tired and happy. One of the many benefits of the outtrips is the girls actually get away from their technology. No phones are allowed on the trips. The downfall is we are waiting to see their photos! Hopefully next week, we will have some photos to share that their camp leaders took. Stay tuned!

Cooking with Mrs. Kim

For the grade 9s and 10s who stayed in the house over the weekend, we cooked Korean food with Mrs. Kim in the common room. We made rice and bulgogi and enjoyed it. Some grade 11s smelled the food from outside and decided to join us 🙂

Friends and the Timmis family

Johanna celebrated her birthday while on her kayaking trip so her friends had a little celebration for her on the field when she got back .

With the input from all of the girls, Alana collated and boiled down what we hold dear and created the House Agreements. They are displayed in our foyer for all to see. It was an amazing amount of work and a BIG thank you to Alana.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Tina and Giang for creating the Timmis photo board this year. It is beautiful! Shaped like a heart, it is a wonderful display of all the members that make up our community.

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