An action packed short week!

Impromptu Timmis session

What’s better on a Friday night than sitting around with a bowl of ice cream and sharing some laughs? With the invite to dip our spoons in chocolate and cherry ice cream, we gathered on the porch to discuss everything from grad to Halloween. Lots of stories and laughter with a truly wonderful group.

A peek into a wonderful group of girls relaxing with each other!

More long weekend activities

In addition to all the activities we mentioned last week, some of our girls dabbled a bit with paints as they decorated some pottery which will be kilned at “Fired Up’ this week.

Luisa got to partake in a trip to the local Royal BC Museum where there was an orca display. So much to learn there about killer whales and their history with the local Indigenous people.

Interview with Vivian – 10 items that she can’t live without.

Taking a moment out of her busy day, Vivian showed us ten things she can’t live without!

Ice Cream – because it alleviates stress

Frozen Yogurt – because it is delicious

Chili sauce – as that is a taste from home

Coffee – the ground type is for essays

Coffee – the instant is for tests…did she mention she loves coffee?

Panda – she has had this since grade 9

Judy – because she is an awesome friend and roomie!

Snack bar – is great for some quick energy

Phone – who can live without it these days? It connects her to family and friends.

Books – she has her favourites and they allow her to escape and dream.

Saturday Activities

This Saturday the girls had the opportunity to sign up for a hike around Witty’s Lagoon, an adventure at the newly opened Malahat Skywalk, Yoga, Painting, Baking and Pumpkin carving. It was a beautiful day spent outside and here are some of the moments captured!

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