The End of Term 1

It has been a busy week finishing assessments and assignments for the end of term. The weekend was relaxing and fun.

Weekend Activities included a trip to the Galey Farms corn maze, macrame rainbow keychains, baking, a hike to Mt. Finayson and a trip to the haunted house!

Ava, Delaney and Dalia have had a week full of games and had lots of supporters out to watch them play!

Timmis Trophy: Julie and Chelsea awarded Michael and Nokia the Timmis Trophy for the cleanest room this Tuesday. Some proud recipients!

A crew of students transformed our foyer into a Halloween Haven!

Maca, Romi, Lu, Manola and Gabi killed some time waiting to go into the Haunted House.

We had House Games today, held over from last weekend when we had to cancel due to rain. We had indoor and outdoor soccer and rousing games of Cardio-Pictionary-Charades!

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